June 29th 9:00am-3:oopm

540 N. Golden Circle Drive, #108, Santa Ana, CA 92705

My Street Money

A Street-Level View of Managing Your Money From the Heart to the Bank

About the MY STREET Money Workshop

ARE YOU FED UP with financial experts going on and on about the woes and wins of Wall Street and Main Street? Do you feel that the financial issues on “Your” Street—about how to take care of your family and provide for their future—never get the attention they deserve? Are you ready for a commonsense, down-to-earth guide to using money to help create the secure and happy life you want?
MY STREET MONEY will show you how you and your family can pursue your own version of the American dream. It gives you guidance you need on handling your finances from an advisor you can trust to tell it to you straight. It’s not only filled with practical information on money basics—how to earn it, save it, spend it, protect it, and invest it—but also helps you discover your own powerful and personal reasons for creating the secure and abundant future of your dreams. MY STREET MONEY will help you envision a life of financial confidence and abundance, and then build a step-by-step plan to help you reach your goals. 
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Who is My Street Money for?

MY STREET MONEY is for people who want to learn about

About Louis

Author and Financial Expert

Over the years Louis has become a nationally recognized expert in financial and business issues and a sought-after speaker because of his passion for inspiring people to see finances through the lens of Financial Dignity™. He has been across the nation personally speaking to; small business and employee organizations, college campuses and non-profit organizations, Fortune 100 companies, national and regional financial, business, and educational conferences. Louis has also spoke at sponsored events for Intuit TurboTax, Bank of America, Sprint, Verizon, Visa, Wells Fargo, K Mart, Ford, Microsoft, Citibank, and many others giving seminars, speeches, and workshops.
Louis has been featured in numerous publications such as: USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, The Miami Herald, People en Español, Hispanic Journal, Hispanic Business, Money Magazine, Mutual Funds Magazine, and Senior Market Advisor Magazine. He has provided his business and financial insights to national news programs such as: CBS Sunday Morning, CNN’s Your Money, CNN’s – Your Bottom Line, CNBC, Univision’s Aqui y Ahora, ABC News, KCAL9 News, National Public Radio’s – Tell Me More, and American Public Media’s – Marketplace Money.


MYSTREET Money Workshop Syllabus

Part 1: Introduction
– Worksheet: The Confidence Cycle™
Part 2: Limiting Beliefs about Money
– Worksheets: The Belief Circle™, Money Beliefs Box™
Part 3: SMART Financial Goal Planning
– Worksheet: Values Compass™, S.M.A.R.T. Goal Getter™
Part 4: Savings and Debt Strategies
– Worksheets: Wealth Confidence Budget™, Debt Dissolver


Part 4: Financial Protection: The Basics of Insurance & Estate Planning
– Worksheet: Personal Net Worth statement
Part 5: Retirement Planning
 – Worksheet: Financial Freedom Statement™
Part 6: Investment Fundamentals
– Worksheet: Institutional Investment Styles™
Part 7: Client Advocacy: Working with Financial Professionals & Institutions

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